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Specialists with a history of success…

Established in 1988 and completing its 30th year,  the firm’s provision of administrative, management and support services to human resource administration and employee benefit plans was and is DeHEY McANDREW’s dominant business offering. The firm’s continued insistence upon a “Client-oriented” approach has guided the firm away from large network affiliation and insurance brokerage, keeping DM non-commissioned with allegiance only to its Client, unlike most of its counterparts in the Industry. DeHEY McANDREW’s success is the result of its Senior Partner’s 35 years of Human Resources, labor management and compliance and benefits financing knowledge and experience. At the forefront of innovation, DeHEY McANDREW has installed and supported successful management strategies and legal compliance actions, benefit plan configurations and support which have all been approved by the Department of Labor and  Internal Revenue Code regulations, EEOC rules, Affirmative Action provisions, ERISA, et al, with large and small employers in both the public and private sectors.

Professional Services From Innovative Experts In:
Human Resources and Pension & Welfare Benefits Plans

The environment of human resources administration and employee benefits strategies & compliance is one of constant change and increasing demands… and the demand of competent and objective administrative support far exceeds the supply. With this goal, DeHEY McANDREW’s services toward the human resources functions and employee benefit plan strategists represent an extremely valuable business resource.